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SPYWARE / VIRUSES- Data has become the most important asset of any homeowner or company. Spyware and Viruses are one of the most insidious threats to computers. Spyware poses a growing risk to homeowners and businesses, endangering privacy as well as the security of financial data and other types of proprietary information. Viruses threaten data security and can cause computer and network disruption.

For businesses, Spyware often compromises customer data and other proprietary business information that affects the company's image and bottom line. In addition, the impact of multiple spyware applications running on network and computer resources can result in decreased productivity and loss of revenue.

Spyware removal
Spyware prevention
Virus removal
Virus prevention
Spam filtering appliance installation
Virus filtering appliance installation
Disk imaging for complete Spam / Virus eradication

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A+ Rated by the BBB